Losing water? Refilling your pool every 2-3 days? Possible pool leak? Don't want to drain your pool?

WE DO ONE THING AND WE DO IT WELL... Pool leak detection and repairs!!

Once we determine over the phone that there is a possible water loss issue, we can schedule a technician at your earliest convenience. Once on site, the technician will scan your pool with a listening device which will administer a safe and small electrical current into your pool. With this technique, our equipment will determine any water loss through permeations in your liner membrane as small as 1/4 of a grain of sand. Once located, our diver certified technician will then make the appropriate underwater repairs. Repairs will be visually non-existent, as we carry every shade of liner on site to match. If liner leaks are ruled out, we then check your pool plumbing and locate any water loss through jets or return lines. We do this with a series of coloured dyes and pressure sensing devices.